37 Actions Entrepreneurs Should Take ( and 3 Special Ones if you are in China)

If you are reading Tech entertainment stories from TechCrunch or Venture Beat you might be overwhelmed by the amount of advice that you get as an entrepreneur. Do this, do that…etc. Still at some point you see the same websites over and over again. I decided I want to try and create something different…. I created an agregated list of good advice for entrepnurs and was trying (as much as […]

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Get to Know China’s Entrepreneurship 1st hand

From May 2013 till August 2014 we ran a project called “The Dim Sum Project”. It was aimed to open a window for entreprsnus who wish to understand more about entreprnship in different fields from a first hand perspective.   This is how it worked We had young entrepreneurs who wished to learn about a certain topic connected to an experienced entrepreneur. It was their chance to ask him anything they want and […]

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9 things you can do to get international clients – Speaking at Entrepreneur Conf Asia

The last few weeks were very special for me. A week ago I came back from the first trip to China since we moved back to Israel. It was a hectic trip! Such a difference if you re-visiting vs. living in a place. Anyway, the day before I left I spoke at the Entreprenur conf Asia in Shanghai . Since Appinchina‘s clients are all international clients, I’ve been asked to speak about […]

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Access your Gmail in China – A Guide to Workarounds

A note from shlomo:  When I’m thinking about the readers of this blog, the first thing comes to mind is that all of them know some about internet in China and how it works (or mainly how it doesn’t work).   Since China is such a large part of my life, there is no doubt I’m biased…. I need to keep reminding myself that some are really not aware of China’s internet […]

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6 Killer Tips on Attracting Chinese Investors in 2015

Now that China officially has the largest economy in the world it’s a good time to examine how to attract investments from that country’s growing investor community. There is a lot of capital available in China for outbound investment, but a labyrinth of regulatory and cultural issues mean that actually securing investment is not so straightforward. Here are a few points to pay attention to when attempting to raise funds […]

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A Post Series About China’s Android Stores Small Secrets

Yes, this post has a catchy title., but frankly saying since launching AppInChina I’ve learned a lot about the Chinese App market and the android stores. We decided to share and release a series of posts with this knowledge, as we know there is a lot of confusion regarding the Chinese Android market because it’s so different from anywhere else around the world. We will add more and more posts […]

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Shopping at the market

Entrepnurship is REALLY Everywhere – A Story From the Country With no Coins

Note from Shlomo: I heard my friend Kevin Dewalt speaking a couple of times about why other startup hubs should not be looking up to Silicon Valley . The reason for that is because Silicon valley has Silicon valley’s problems , not other places problems. So, each place is special and can create it’s own unique eco system for specific problems they handle with. This post will show you how […]

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Global from Asia graphic 1

Speaking at global from Asia podcast – Tips on Getting Your Mobile App in The Chinese Market

I wrote previously about why cool ideas don’t make money . This subject came up when I was mentoring at startup weekend , where Mike Michelini was organising it all with volunteers from the lean startup meetup. It was also the first time I ever met Mike after we have been in touch for quite a while. I invited him to visit in our office in Beijing. We had a […]

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Traditional marketing

Traditional Marketing is Still Alive: 2 Things I’ve Learned

Here is a message I got from Andrew 2 weeks ago. Basically Andrew wanted to take the chance and share some of his experience as an entrepreneurs which is great.  I asked his permission to publish his message as well with his post and refer to this: Why you need to find courage to contact me?!   Hi noodles! My name is Andrew, I am a young entrepreneur from Melbourne, […]

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