Let’s start with an interesting finding: 47% of the people who come to work in China are actually coming to start their own business (as of the end of May 2012).

As the survey I conducted on linkedin about why expats arrive to China shows, the job is only an excuse to arrive on the path to independently becoming a small (or large) part of the middle kingdom economy.

Today, after actually living in China and meeting quite a few expats I KNOW this is the reason. Almost every 2nd foreigner that comes to China for a job is actually a hidden entrepreneur. This blog is about showing you how to do it….How to become an entrepreneur in China, with no high macro analysis of the market, but rather simple practical information, to help you make this step.

Come to China and create your “Thing”.

Shlomo Freund is the founder of Start Up Noodle. Shlomo helps entrepreneurs arrive to Asia and China in order to create their own business.

At times when Asia and China are THE place for innovation and entrepreneurship in the world, it’s still not easy to arrive without support and understanding of how things are done.

Start Up Noodle is here to support entrepreneurs and give them the tools to initiate their dream in China. Before starting Start Up Noodle, Shlomo created several businesses related to China: China Business webinars and eBusiness Chinese.  This along with a 9 year experience in the internet marketing world, makes this China entrepreneurship journey more exciting than ever.

Shlomo was the head of marketing and business development at “Go Abroad China“. He is now consulting to various companies helping with their online marketing & product management as well as help with setting up in China. Shlomo is also the Co-Founder of Go Finish, a startup that helps students being more focused on their school work by using peer pressure.

Start Up Noodle offers 1st hand experience about arriving to China, establishing oneself  and understanding the business environment, in order to initiate a business.  Shlomo has used his experience to consult several companies and was the CTO of Octopace Group in charge of internet and mobile projects. Follow @StartupNoodle  on Twitter and hit like  on Facebook.

Nicholas Jenkins

After reading Shlomo’s blog, StartUpNoodle, we knew we had found the right contact for our startup – PeeP Digital. We made contact and the response was prompt and professional. Shlomo was extremely helpful and assisted us far more than he was required to and has allowed our business to lay firmer roots down in the competitive Chinese market. Would highly recommend Shlomo for any entrepreneur wanting to make in-roads into the Chinese market.

Nicholas Jenkins
Nkosana Humphrey Mafico

My business partner and I met Shlomo in Beijing and it has proven to be one of the best business decisions we’ve made abroad. He has deep knowledge and insight of the Chinese app landscape and was able to provide extremely valuable feedback on our apps. Furthermore, he went out of his way to refer us to other individuals he knew that could help us. I would most certainly recommend Shlomo to anyone looking for a trustworthy and expert app distributor in China.

Nkosana Humphrey Mafico
Elżbieta Bednarek

I was very fortunate to find Shlomo’s blog before going to Shanghai to join Chinaccelerator – startupnoodle.com is a great resource for entrepreneurs who want to understand how things work in the Chinese startup ecosystem. During our conversation Shlomo provided me with lots of useful tips on how to validate my assumptions concerning the market and where to meet potential users. He is very knowledgeable, and keen to share his knowledge. Shlomo has also connected me with relevant tech experts in China, which made my research about the Chinese market much faster.

Elżbieta Bednarek

Shlomo has been very helpful in providing insights and his own experience on the startup scene in China. Although we never met and it was our first conversation, he has been very eager to help and providing advice. I can tell he is passionate about what he does and help others too. I would recommend anyone to talk to Shlomo for advice on expanding their business to China.

Han Wang
Kasie (Murray) Pasquantonio R.N.

Shlomo is very resourceful and shared excellent business ideas and directed me in the right direction to build my business abroad in China

Kasie Pasquantonio R.N.
walter shatford

I sought Schlomo’s expertise on startup marketing. He is experienced in the area.

Walter Shatford
Mason Klement

Shlomo is great at helping to see things from a different angle and presents very actionable, practical steps that are tailored to your situation. He’s also very open about sharing different resources and connections as well which is huge! I highly recommend anyone work with him that’s looking to develop an idea or direction for their business. Also follow his blog at startupnoodle.com

Mason Klement
Tom Husmann

Shlomo is a very helpful and open-minded person. He takes his time to help entrepreneurs and people who are thinking about starting a business on their pathway. He can provide guidance as well as the experience the gained from common start-up problems to provide you with his full support. I can fully recommend Shlomo as his has a strong intention to support every entrepreneur on his pathway.

Tom Husmann

I contacted Shlomo when I was looking for contacts in the hi-tech industry in Beijing and found him to be extremely responsive and helpful. Based on my own experience in China, I can say that Shlomo knows what he’s talking about and he’s straightforward about it. No sugarcoating, but still very encouraging.
I got a fresh perspective, good advice and useful connections. He’s definitely the guy to help you move forward in the right direction.

Roni Eshett
Francis Kao

Shlomo is a clear giver and entrepreneur at heart. He helped me to connect to many people in the startup circule in China when I just arrived the country to start my own business. He is very enthusiastic and subject expert in startup scene in China. I highly recommend anyone who wanna do or learn more about startups in China to get in touch with him. Moreover, Shlomo is a very good friend to have.

Francis Kao
Mikael Livas(力麦克)

After reading his posts on LinkedIn groups and on his page http://www.startupnoodle.com, I decided to get in touch with Shlomo.
He is very knowledgeable, professional and has an amazing network. He was able to introduce me to two very promising additions to my team, within minutes. I highly recommend him.

Mikael Livas(力麦克)
Amine Mouafik

I signed up on Start Up Noodle for Shlomo’s open office hours in Beijing. He’s definitely someone to know now if you are interested in the Chinese start-up ecosystem, especially around Beijing. He won’t hesitate to share his connections, let you know about events you might be interested by and, last but not least, will take time to listen to you, understand your situation, goals and give you valuable advices.

Amine Mouafik
Isaac Mizrachi

Shlomo assisted me to understand the Chinese web market a bit better, and provided useful tips regarding my product.

Isaac Mizrachi

Shlomo has done an amazing job giving us advice on sales and business development for our tech start-up. With his extensive network in China and his many years experience building companies, he’s definitely someone to talk if you need help on growing your company.

Florian Brutsche
Andrew Huelsenbeck

I signed up on Start Up Noodle for Shlomo’s open office hours in Beijing. He connected me with experts to help me grow my business, and he gave me solid advice on how to source more clients. I’d highly recommend Shlomo’s advice and services to any tech start up founder.

Andrew Huelsenbeck
shrivatsan balagopal

Sholmo is a person who encourage entrepreneurs,their ideas and also help them out without expecting any return from them.He is a friendly business consultant who help entrepreneurs with his network for their business.

Shrivatsan Balagopal
Michael Michelini

It is a pleasure to be connected to Shlomo! He is a born connector, and talking to him for the first time was the same as if I had known him for years. Very open and willing to share all his knowledge and connections – Indeed we more people like Shlomo, especially in the China market!

Michael Michelini

After reading the many articles in Shlomo’s blog, StartupNoodles, I knew I’d found the right person to talk to in regards to the development of my social media site. Shlomo is very knowledgeable, and he certainly knows what he’s talking about. The best part is, he’s outright down-to-earth and HE WANTS TO HELP YOU! I think it’s worthwhile to have flown all the way to Beijing from Malaysia to talk to him (although you can opt to talk to him over Skype). Will I work together with Shlomo again? Definitely!

John Chong
Rakesh Kumar

I approached Shlomo for advice after a brief interaction at Barcamp, Beijing. His approachability and his willingness to help was a refreshing experience. His keenness to listen and simple but very practical and actionable suggestions to move forward brought clarity and a sense of direction to me. I would recommend Shlomo to individuals and organizations who are looking for a fresh and honest perspective and solutions.

Rakesh Kumar
Niels Vugteveen

Shlomo is very easy to connect with and has a very entrepreneurial spirit. He is always happy to make recommendations on your start-up or giving advice for your business adventures in China.

Niels Vugteveen

Shlomo was quite willing to help me out in getting settled in to China, providing expert advice, and introducing me to well informed individuals in fields that I’m interested in. He’s a classy individual, friendly, and follows through quickly.

Blake Holmes
Eric Khun

Shlomo has a great expertise and vision about the Chinese startups ecosystem. He will not hesistate to help you for your business and job in China and beeing pro-active and give you really useful advises to succeed.

Eric Khun


Shlomo is a great guy and very genuine in helping me get involved with startups in Beijing. I was worried at first about how my lack of knowledge would show. Shlomo put me at ease by supplying me with tons of information about how to get involved in the community in Beijing. You don’t meet guys like these nowadays. You would-be entrepreneurs out there, all you need to do is start that Skype call with Shlomo and take that leap of faith!!! Better yet, meet him in person which I have yet to do so.

Boon Shern Chng


Shlomo has a very unique insight about doing business in China and is very passionate about helping startups. He is quite knowledgeable on the Chinese markets and can guide you through the pitfalls which makes him the go-to person for a consult.

Hamish PatelCEO at Azoi Inc


Being interested in the Beijing Startup scene, I contacted few people in the field.
Nobody answered so quickly and so professionally like Shlomo. He showed interest since the very beginning and at the end we met for a pleasant discussion.

He is very friendly and eager to share his knowledge and connections.
He is full of suggestions and his experience in the Chinese startup world made our meeting very valuable.

I would definitively recommend you to contact him

Luca NasoScientist (Dr. in Astrophysics)

Discover how to become an entrepreneur, have a soft landing in China and create your dream project!



Shlomo is very insightful and loves what he does, therefore his knowledge in this area is vast. If you have any questions about startups, jobs, or business in China, he is the person to reach out to.

Karan SarinFounder/CEO at Perkylane.comPerkylane


I read some interesting articles of Shlomo about the job market in China, and specially about the IT sector, while I was looking for information about that field, and I decided to write him to ask for some advise. I received a fast and accurate answer which really helped me beyond a simple advise. If you have any doubt about job and business in China he is the person to ask.

Francisco de Atilano Flórez

michelle chu profile

I stumbled across Shlomo’s site Startup Noodle while searching for contacts in the Beijing tech scene. I emailed him, and within an hour he responded to my email with a couple of options for what I was looking for. He seemed to genuinely want to help me, and I appreciated that. He’s definitely someone to go to who can either help you or connect you to someone who can.

Michelle Chu

nadav kostiner

I have to say that I have contacted Shlomo, due to his useful and focused tips. He turned out to be more useful in person. Shlomo is a person that really wants to help… you don’t see that to much these days.

If you need any help, if you have any questions or dilemmas about doing a relocation to China, Shlomo is the guy to speak with.

Nadav Kostiner