Let’s start with an interesting finding: 47% of the people who come to work in China are actually coming to start their own business (as of the end of May 2012).

As the survey I conducted on linkedin about why expats arrive to China shows, the job is only an excuse to arrive on the path to independently becoming a small (or large) part of the middle kingdom economy.

Today, after actually living in China and meeting quite a few expats I KNOW this is the reason. Almost every 2nd foreigner that comes to China for a job is actually a hidden entrepreneur. This blog is about showing you how to do it….How to become an entrepreneur in China, with no high macro analysis of the market, but rather simple practical information, to help you make this step.

Come to China and create your “Thing”.

Shlomo Freund is the founder of Start Up Noodle. Shlomo helps entrepreneurs arrive to Asia and China in order to create their own business. At times when Asia and China are THE place for innovation and entrepreneurship in the world, it’s still not easy to arrive without support and understanding of how things are done. Start Up Noodle is here to support entrepreneurs and give them the tools to initiate their dream in China. Before starting Start Up Noodle, Shlomo created several businesses related to China: China Business webinars and eBusiness Chinese.  This along with a 9 year experience in the internet marketing world, makes this China entrepreneurship journey more exciting than ever. Shlomo was the head of marketing and business development at “Go Abroad China“. He is now consulting to various companies helping with their online marketing & product management as well as help with setting up in China. Shlomo is also the Co-Founder of Go Finish, a startup that helps students being more focused on their school work by using peer pressure. Start Up Noodle offers 1st hand experience about arriving to China, establishing oneself  and understanding the business environment, in order to initiate a business.  Shlomo has used his experience to consult several companies and was the CTO of Octopace Group in charge of internet and mobile projects. Follow @StartupNoodle  on Twitter and hit like  on Facebook.

Discover how to become an entrepreneur, have a soft landing in China and create your dream project!



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