Online Hangout: Things you Didn’t Know About China’s Mobile App Market

Glad publishing the recording of this hangout. There were technical problems with it unfortunately and I’ll publish a seperate post on it, so other can learn from my experience.

Anyway, would love to get your comments on it and questions.

Hangout slides

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  1. Steve Burris says:

    How many app installs per day do you do at AppinChina

  2. Shlomo says:

    Hey Steve, Can you elaborate on what you mean by saying “do” for installs?
    on general it’s hard to predict how an app would perform. It depends on the materials they deliver, category and the app itself and on which store.

    Number for promoted apps can be a couple of thousands to 20000 downloads a day.

    Does that answer your question?

    • Steve Burris says:

      Sorry for the lack of clarity. I was asking how many downloads (Downloads = installs) the AppinChina marketplace facilitates per day. Which would be a different number than how many they promote per day. I think it’s accurate to say, that how many they promote would = how many they offer.

      We don’t do much in the way of app downloads, but it is a interesting market and we wish you much success!

  3. Shlomo says:

    The AppInChina is not a marketplace but a distribution service for apps into China’s mobile app market. I hope this would help you clarify your question and I’d be able to answer it.


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