Pitfall to Avoid: How to loose your Google Hangout on Air (HOA) Audience

 “How do you cope with copycats from other companie sin China?”
“Are the downloads on mobile Android stores in China
are fake?”


Last week we had our #1 online Hangout. It was a great experience for me, full with lots of learning.

The quotes are  some of the questions I was asked by my live guests (and friends) during the hangout.

I prepared myself as much as I could for the event, learning all the tidbits to run it smoothly. I launched an official Hangout event page and a Facebook event page and mainly market those pages. As you can see, people have joined, which was great news.

The hangout was scheduled and was suppose to start at 10AM. A few minutes before, I see viewers stating to join the event, which was great and exciting!

I setup everything, excitement rises and…at 9:59AM….Google’s hangout plugin crash! No matter how many times I installed it, restarted it or reopened the browser it just refused to work.

I kept sending out messages to the audience saying we will be right up on air. These were long minutes…

Half an hour later I’m up after restarting my computer. It solved the problem! The hangout was live again and we started live!

After the short introduction and a couple of minutes into the hangout, I had another surprise. I couldn’t share my screen(!!!) Hangout extension just doesn’t show this option, no matter what I tried.

Now, this is a problem if you want your audience to follow your presentation. I had to apologize and end the event in order to restart the hangout extension. It was the only thing I could do , but later on I discovered it had a major drawback.

Ending an hangout on air event means that all the people who were watching the event so far see it ending and when you start a new hangout on air, it’s a completely different event they don’t know about.

I lost my Online Audience!

(or at least most of it, as some people told me they watched it)

To compensate on this I put a link to the new hangout on air event so people can follow, I’m not sure if it worked.

The bottom line is that I was on air again (on a separate event page) which was good. Not everything worked flawlessly (screen sharing still was on power point screen and not on the full screen of the presentation), but I still wanted to get a decent recording for my audience and people who were waiting for this event to happen.

So, if you missed this event ( Online Hangout: Things you Didn’t Know About China’s Mobile App Market ) because of me or unknown bugs of Google Hangout extension, Check out the recording ( I edited out all the parts of when I was trying to fix stuff during the hangout), and the slideshare presentation.

Now over to you

What would you do differently? Could I have done anything different to make it work better and not loosing my audience? Would love to hear your comments and questions, either on China’s mobile app market or on technically how to do the hangout for yourselves.

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  1. Mike Purcell says:

    As Robert Burns said “best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray”.

    I was on the call and then watched the replay as well. It seemed as though you were very well prepared and had all of your information laid out in an easy to understand presentation. It was unfortunate that Google Hangout just did not want to cooperate. That being said I would still choose Hangout vs. WebEx or GoToMeeting strictly for its ease of use for all participants.

    Here’s to better luck next time and we look forward to hearing more great things from Shlomo and Start Up Noodle!

    • Shlomo says:

      Mike, Thank you for your kind words. I’m Glad you had a chance watching it despite of the tech problems.
      I have good experience with GoToWebinar as well and agree that Google hangout is still easier to use in operating it. No installing, no training your guests (almost), easy integration. The problem is that it’s build in a confusing way, and how it all built to a single product. When you start a hangout should you open A hangout? A Hangout on Air? An Event? I found it all to be very confusing.

      What would you like the next event topic to be?

  2. igostartup says:

    Fortunately, there are persons like you to inform us with all these tech problems! Very good and useful post.

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